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What are some of your favorite things about having him as a co-worker? I can’t complain [because] I get to go to work and look at a fine boy all day [laughs]. I like the joy when you feed people and they’re happy and full and enjoying themselves. Once you know the fundamentals of cooking then you don’t need to follow a recipe, you just know what herbs go well or what meats, or what combination of what goes together and then you can just branch out from there.

Season 8, Episode 3 CCURHD Curtis gets a visit from an old friend who isn't quite what Curtis remembered.Season 8, Episode 24 CCURHD Miranda goes into labor just as Calvin prepares for his graduation while C. and Janine's marriage reaches a breaking point.Meanwhile, Curtis and Ella get an offer they can't refuse for the Payne house.The couple have submitted numerous planning applications to the council to modify the house in Woking, Surrey, which Liam bought for £5.1 million in March 2015.If their latest plans are approved it means building work can finally begin on their home, which they have been trying to develop for the past two and a half years.

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