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The acquisition was initially for 5 million cash and million in equity—with a further 0 million in performance-based bonuses available if the company hits targets set by EA executives.On June 14, 2013, all of the Playfish-developed games have been retired while Madden NFL 13 Social was retired on September 2, 2013 and can no longer be played on Facebook. Sources tell us EA threw tons of cash at marketing the game to keep its users above the ground.Now The Sims Social has around 3 million daily players, while Zynga still has several games in the top rankings on Facebook.

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Although POF isn't a beautiful site, it is functional and extremely effective.

The attitude to risk in Silicon Valley is that failure is rewarded — it’s a badge to be worn with pride.” Mr de Halleux said that the support structures for entrepreneurs were improving in Europe but market imperfections still existed, particularly around the matching up of new ventures with investors prepared to back them.

“Some investors do need to stop playing golf and go to the pub and some entrepreneurs need to get out of the garage and go and meet the VCs,” he said.

The last 3 games to be retired (Pet Society, The Sims Social, and Sim City Social) were retired on June 17, 2013.

In Restaurant City, players own a restaurant in a set environment.

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