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The information available from German census records varies greatly by time period and area.Earlier census returns may be basic head counts, or include only the name of the head of household. While most German civil records only go back to around the 1870s, parish registers go back as far as the 15th century.

Germany's life as a unified nation didn't even begin until 1871, making it a much "younger" country than most of its European neighbors.

Prussia existed as an independent state from the 17th century until 1871, when it became the largest territory of the new German empire.

Prussia as a state was officially abolished in 1947, and now the term only exists in reference to the former province.

Alternatively, if you know from which port in Germany they departed, you may be able to locate their hometown on the German passenger departure lists.

Other common sources for locating an immigrant's hometown include vital records of birth, marriage and death; census records; naturalization records and church records.

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