Mental illness dating website waynesburg pa dating

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I just know that I wouldn't get on with someone like me. Thanks to those that have provided their thoughts about online dating.

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I think an important question here is, 'would you want to go out with someone like yourself? I find it hard enough to cope with myself, let alone someone else like me Its not that I wouldn't want to go out with someone who has mental health problems (I don't have a problem with people having mental health issues - on the whole - as long as its a healthy relationship), but its not something I'd look for, or consider as part of any criteria, i.e.

He has a terminal illness which is deteriorative, but he didn't feel the need to use a specialist website, afterall none of us are perfect no matter what the online blurb says.

Maybe try Ranger's site, but also think about going mainstream.

Of course there are always exceptions to this, but to my mind the wheat/chaff ratio is way too skewed toward the latter for the risk/reward equation to be even vaguely close to desirable; too little chance of the exercise being worth the effort. There is a free website which is actually totally dedicated to people with mental health problems dating.

My friend who uses the free sites is having a bit more success here.

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