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The smell of ketchup and fried animal fat is thick in the air, fumes spiraling out from a ring of kiosks serving Korean sausages and lollipops of battered pork.To the left, check your cameras and recording devices — none are allowed inside the arena.Right now, Korean pop music — K-pop, if you’re pressed for time — is enjoying an increasingly global moment. Entertainment showcase in Paris sold out last summer, French fans demanded a second by organizing a flash mob in front of the Louvre, replete with K-pop choreography.In the past year, various K-pop idols have filled arenas from São Paolo to Singapore, London to Los Angeles. In August of 2011, Billboard announced its K-pop Hot 100 Chart and, not long after this story goes to print, nine-member girl group and S. standard-bearers Girls’ Generation will parade their caffeinated choruses before David Letterman and Kelly Ripa.Koreans are exporting K-pop simply because their local market is too small to satisfy or contain it.And just like Justin Bieber’s “Beliebers,” a hyperactive, devout community of online K-pop fans known as “Netizens” has been cultivated to provide the social media numbers that keep bands/brands trending worldwide. But they’ve somehow tweaked and twisted the formulas to the point that they feel fresh.” From top to bottom, YG Entertainment’s office, a postmodern hunk of glass and dimpled concrete, is designed to both manufacture and maintain a carefully calibrated, highly controlled stream of pop product.Thousands of houses just like this one carpet Seoul’s hilly northern half, most of them dwarfed by the skyscraping residential towers that line the Han River and virtually every major avenue in the city like teeth.This one, though, functions as the primary residence for as many as 30 young “trainees” signed to YG Entertainment, one of three major management companies headquartered here in South Korea’s capital.

Verses are delivered in Korean, choruses in graphic-tee English, for maximum impact, a refraction of time-tested formulas, made all the more vivid in practice. “They’re systematic,” says Yvonne Yuen, VP of international marketing for Universal Music’s Southeast Asian office in Hong Kong.

For much of the rest of Asia, South Korea is sort of their dream of the future: a more modernized, Westernized society.” What’s most uniquely Korean about K-pop, however, is the aggressive manner in which it’s surging across borders in all directions.

Because local markets for American and Japanese artists are so large, artists can remain at home and enjoy hugely successful, prolific careers.

Nowhere are the fruits of K-pop’s training more apparent than onstage.

It’s the middle of a Saturday afternoon and throngs of schoolgirls are shrugging off frigid temperatures outside the aging Olympic Gymnastics Arena, one part of the massive Olympic Park complex built for the 1988 Summer Games.

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