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She is currently a 17 year old aspiring actress known as the "Method Actress Queen" of the Palm Woods due to actually becoming a character.She can always be seen practicing her lines around the pool or in the lobby before her auditions. She is from small-town in Connecticut but moved to Los Angeles with her father to begin her acting career.As of the episode Big Time Returns, Logan and Camille are officially a couple once again, but according to Camille this time it'll be different.Meaning their once on-again/off-again romance will become a more serious relationship with commitment.She is also a very close and good friend to the members of Big Time Rush.

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For this reason, Logan considers Camille as "The Coolest Girl in The World." Every time she has had an audition for a dramatic role she slaps Logan on the face.

They once accidentally kissed while rehearsing for an audition and feel bad about this because this because it would hurt Logan's feelings.

At the end they all made peace, but Logan thought this was the right time to break up.

Fawne and James' relationship immediately fell apart when one day Fawne caught James kissing his ex-girlfriend, Cassie outside of their apartment. Kendall made a vow to himself to never date anyone in the industry, and that really does mean anyone: actors, directors, crew, anyone associated with the business at all.

James and Fawne are both tore apart by the sudden break. A average boy band who just released their second album, and already working on the third. When he signs on for his next project with CP Entertainment, however, that vow goes straight out the window.

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