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A large portion of tourist highlights are churches.

In working churches, women are expected to cover their heads (keep a scarf handy) and men to uncover them (no hats), some require women to wear long skirts (they will provide cloth to wrap around your waist while visiting) and forbid men to enter in shorts (men can also wear a wrap skirt! Perhaps this should have been number one on this list, since Georgian food is a major highlight of any trip to the country.

Batumi is also only about 20 minutes from the border with Turkey.

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In general, these men are harmless flatterers who give every girl some loving attention because Georgians love women and think they’re really special (check out these Georgian Queens: Tamar and Ketevan).

Almost every vehicle has a cross, icons, Holy water, or some combination of religious talismans on the dashboard or hanging from the rearview mirror.

It is customary for Orthodox Christians to cross themselves as they see churches, which, in Georgia, is basically all the time.

Although hanging out in groups is common, men and women generally do not hang out together one on one as just friends, so boys, if you take a girl to a movie or for coffee, make sure she understands if you’re only interested in friendship!

How to Read: Georgian is not an easy language, and if you’re on an SRAS program, you’re there to learn Russian!

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