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After a short trip to Fort Duquesne (and some skillful evasion to keep under the French soldiers’ radar), they’ve gathered the materials they need, and Rufus can get to work on (sort of) repairing the Lifeboat.

The series was on UPN for its first six seasons and was on The CW for its final two seasons, running for a total of 172 episodes.

Joan convinces the reluctant Maya to also get Toni into the club.

When the doorman waves to Toni, another woman believes the wave was meant for her, and they get into an argument.

She convinces Davis to drive her home and makes a pass at him, only to learn that he is engaged.

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Toni and Maya get into another argument before an evening out, in part because Toni refuses to believe that Maya can get the girls into an exclusive club.To make things worse, we didn’t exactly leave our heroes in a great place, and they’re all still mad at each other for various (and legitimate! Wyatt and Lucy are still ticked off at Rufus for secretly recording them for Rittenhouse, and Wyatt and Rufus are angry at Lucy for not telling them about Flynn’s journal. Well, Wyatt is kind of being a jerk about the whole thing, so Rufus and Lucy are annoyed with . Nothing brings coworkers together like being stuck in the 1750s on the run from French soldiers.After getting accused of being British spies and escaping from the French, Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus stumble upon Flynn’s men, who’ve attached explosives to the Lifeboat.Toni tries to gain admission to the club and fails.Maya shows up and easily gets herself, Joan, Lynn and William past the doorman.

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