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Mila and Cameron Story Codes: MFF Celebs Involved: Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz Author: Bonercreator69 This story is entirely fictitious and did not happen. However, there are also dark clouds hovering over the girls of Malibu as they begin their weekend of sin. Thanks to Christina and Britney, the girls got this party started with an orgy aboard the pop sluts’ private jet, but things are only getting started and now that the girls have landed, things are about to get even naughtier.They bragged to each other about what they planned to do to the beautiful actress once they had her in the van. Her body shined with sweat, her t-shirt sticking to her small chest, her hair plastered to her forehead. Cameron found this the most repulsive experience of her life, worse than the rape that she had just endured – at least the cock wasn’t hurting her, it wasn’t nearly fat enough.Cameron breathed heavy as she jogged up the slight incline that lead her back to her L. She noticed the black van sweeping past her and pulling up by the wisdewalk about 50 metres ahead. Ice pumped at the blonde’s ass, bucking fast, bucking hard, his front paws gripping tight around her mid-riff. As Ice continued to pump into her pussy, Cameron wept, her head held in her hands, face down to the floor of the van.

She was about to turn and give the guy some abuse when she felt him grab her by the hair and pull her toward the van… "We just wanna fuck you, that’s all." Said Duke, the larger of the two. " Stated Tony, the smaller, clean-headed one, already unbuckling his belt. Duke pulled her t-shirt up to expose her small, teen-like, breasts. She suffered what felt like an age of pain as the two men fucked her, one at each end, long and hard. "That’ll be Jimmy, let him in." Said Duke as he pushed deeper into Cameron’s asshole again. That’s the bitch out of ‘The Mask’, it’s Mary man, Mary from ‘Something About Mary’ You don’t wanna fuck that? Almost choking, she was forced to swallow the load so that she could breath. Her relief at the lack of pain from his cock was destroyed as with three hard thrusts he pushed his knot into her pussy. She immediately forced her mouth shut and spat the fluid out, but Jimmy didn’t stop pissing all over her face, laughing madly as he did it.

In agony she half crawled, half stumbled, along with him. You’re coming with us." He said, as he dragged her into the van. Cameron sat, her mouth hanging open, in shock, her eyes wide and full of tears. Cameron was terrified, scared stiff and unable to move from the fear. Cameron opened her mouth and allowed Tony to slip his black cock into it. He reached round as squeezed them hard, causing Cameron more pain. The anal pounding was almost unbearable, her hands squeezing tighter and tighter on the flesh of Tony’s hips. Tony withdrew from the star’s mouth and staggered to the back of the van to check out of the dark window, it was Jimmy… If that weren’t enough, Cameron became aware of the dog’s now rapid movement, then felt the hot, wet feeling of his cum shooting into her womb… " Ordered Tony, "I don’t want my van all messed up!

Cameron panicked as the light of the sun was blocked out by the van doors and she was thrown to the floor of the van. She just sat and waited for the men to make their next move. Tony smacked her across the jaw with the back of his hand and she yelped. Just as she felt she couldn’t go any longer, there was a bang on the back of the van, ‘Someone to rescue me’ though Cameron with relief. He opened the door and a third black youth climbed in – with Ice, his 4 year-old Pitt Bull dog. She leant forward and vomitted, the upset of the rape, the piss in her mouth, the dog-fucking, and now the dog-cum swilling in her cunt, all too much for her. " With Ice still tied into her pussy, Cameron was forced to lick up her vomit from the rusty floor of the van, also licking Jimmy’s fresh urine from the floor.

These stories are not meant to suggest that any of the featured celebrities are actually involved in, or have ever been involved in, sexual relations with animals – although, we wish they were and that the stories were true. "Fucking white trash – that’s all she deserves." The moviestar was unable to offer much resistance as Tony and Duke picked her up and rolled her back onto her belly.

For further stories of celebrity-animal sex please contact me via e-mail with suggestions or comments. He knees bled as they forced her onto them, her ass in the air.

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